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I didn't go any further than the first page of google results though.However, I am very much of the opinion that, as human beings, we shout far louder when we are dissatisfied with something than when we are satisfied.” We are proud to announce that Design Journal has awarded Y-Clad’s Hidden Gem’s exterior signage with the ADEX Platinum Award for design. one-of-a-kind signage evokes luxury and embodies the unique business that is Y-Clad’s Hidden Gem.Designed by innovator and sculptor Mark Weisbeck, of Weisbeck Design, the custom sign is made of textured stainless steel with shades of gold and silver that brightens the exterior façade and perfectly represents Y-Clad’s Hidden Gem. For more information on this prestigious award, head over to Design Journal Magazines Website.

In contrast, reliable data from the real world, published recently in the British Medical Journal and backed up by anecdotal evidence from my experience as a cardiac physician, suggests that the real figure for serious side-effects associated with statin use is closer to one in five.

With even NICE admitting that 140 people will have to take statins to prevent just one of them having a heart attack or stroke, that’s 139 people taking them for no good reason, running the risk of unpleasant side-effects in the process while all the time taxpayers pick up the ever-growing bill for looking after them.

Yes, they can lower cholesterol levels (they work by inhibiting an enzyme that produces cholesterol in the liver), but real-world data show they have absolutely no effect on either overall death rates or rates of serious illness.

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