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However, to receive this favorable tax treatment, a trust must qualify as a liquidating trust.

Without the benefit of insurance, a challenge to a trust’s status could lead to the diminution in value of the trust assets, or worse, if the challenge is made after funds have been distributed, there may not be sufficient trust assets to defend such challenge, or pay any tax, interest or penalties, and the practical recovery of funds from beneficiaries may be difficult.

Whether you are looking for help downsizing a household, moving into "Assisted-Living", moving to a new home, or an executor in need of liquidating an estate, we provide you with the most personal service at the most affordable prices.

Our reliability, experience, and knowledge in conducting professional estate and moving sales in Las Vegas has made us a selected choice for attorneys, realtors, heirs and families alike.

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Honesty, integrity and compassion are the cornerstones of our business philosophy and what sets us apart.

Children will be permitted at JPS Estate Liquidation's Estate Sale Events as long as they are kept under parental/custodial supervision at all times AND responsibility is taken for any damage to property and merchandise they may cause.

Thank you for your understanding and compliance with our new Children's Policy Out of all the sales by estate and moving planners, we prefer JPs.

(In this article, the term "organization" includes all forms of unincorporated business organization and "owner" includes owners in general and limited partnerships and members of limited liability companies.) The principal economic concept is the "capital account," which is determined by reference to "contributions," "distributions," and "allocations" of profits and losses.

Ignoring the economic concepts as incomprehensible tax boilerplate is a mistake because the economic structure of an organization controls not only taxes but also how the owners share in the economic results of the organization.

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