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Hotel Babylon was a British television drama series based on the book of the same name by Imogen Edwards-Jones, that aired from 19 January 2006 to 14 August 2009, produced by independent production company Carnival Films for BBC One.

The show followed the lives of workers at a glamorous five-star hotel.

When a potential deal falls through, he steps in and buys the hotel himself, saving it from closure.

When he loses everything except the hotel, he becomes heavily involved in management, leading to tensions between himself and his ex-wife.

According to a survey by (apparently ‘the world’s leading dating site for married folk’ ), trying to ascertain which of our political elite are the most attractive, discovered that 39.1 per cent of unfaithful women (ie women who are already surfing this website looking for a bit of extracurricular) would have an extra-marital affair with Nick Clegg. Yes, he’s an MEP, but that’s the least sexy politician you can possibly be.

I’ll translate: they’d pick him out of all our main party leaders, if forced, under duress to shag one of them next time their husband’s on a business trip to Pontefract. And he hates Europe, which means his entire political career is based around trying to get himself sacked. But, BUT, he’s had a good couple of months hasn’t he?

Along with Leslie Grantham, who has returned to the soap after 14 years to play "Dirty" Den Watts, the poker-faced father to Harman's smouldering thug Dennis, he has helped to make East Enders properly exciting again.

Harman, who recently directed the UK and Ireland tour of Shrek the Musical, and who earlier this year appeared in the short-lived X Factor spoof I Can’t Sing!

A much better example of power being an aphrodisiac is the sorry tale of Edwina Currie and John Major.

Whatever you think of his politics, John Major is universally acknowledged to have all the sexual charisma of a whelk.

Despite their divorce, they decide to celebrate their wedding anniversary and thereafter renew their sexual relationship.

However, when he discovers that she had had an abortion when he left, they break up, and he begins to fall for Emily, the PR manager.

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