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"We're made to be people who are not interesting or attractive ...

and can't have that fairytale."Young minority viewers might end up watching a show like "The Bachelor" and thinking, 'I'm not good enough to get on this show, but I'm good enough to get on the show where I can beat somebody up and fight all day long,' like "Basketball Wives" or "Flavor of Love," she said.

On Thursday evening, the gang on Fox News’ “The Five” used the massacre at satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo’s Paris offices to discuss a pesky brand of liberalism creeping its way across Europe.

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Prior to magazine writing, she was a public relations professional who specialized in consumer and legal public relations, and represented such clients as Jenny Mc Carthy and the central role." The suit also alleges that the few people of color who have been chosen to compete are often eliminated after the first few rose ceremonies.Nashville-based plaintiffs Nathaniel Claybrooks and Christopher Johnson assert in their complaint that: "'Dancing with the Stars' and 'Extreme Makeover' only involve platonic, as opposed to romantic, relationships among the cast members.Fox News says it tried to be as liberal as it could, but it was forced to let Beckel go in late June, four months after the controversial firebrand took an extended leave for back surgery and drug addiction treatment.“We tried to work with Bob for months, but we couldn’t hold ‘The Five’ hostage to one man’s personal issues,” Bill Shine, the network’s senior executive vice president of programming, told the Huffington Post on June 25.Back when I was young you didn’t date out of your own ethnicity.But in Europe and other places, this mingling that’s going on here, younger people are beginning to find this acceptable.Beckel, after all, starred in the role of lone liberal on the excellent program “The Five,” a lively roundtable discussion show on which Beckel commonly and deftly fought off all his fellow panelists, including Greg Gutfeld, Dana Perino and Kimberly Guilfoyle.With his trademark suspenders, gruff demeanor and gravelly voice, Beckel played the role of grumpy lefty — and he brought a bio that featured cocaine addiction alongside an appointment in the Carter administration and a role in Walter Mondale’s 1984 presidential campaign.Two African-American men filed a class action lawsuit in U. District Court on Wednesday, accusing ABC as well as other companies involved with the production of "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette" and creator Mike Fleiss of racial discrimination.The complaint alleges that, in 16 seasons of "The Bachelor" and seven seasons of "The Bachelorette" (the eighth season is slated to begin airing in May), the defendants have never featured "a single person of color ...

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