Ios 6 beta 4 not updating

Apple released its latest i OS update, i OS 10, to the public not too long ago, and many Apple users ran into the all-too-common "Unable to Verify Update" error when trying to install it.

While it could be that the i Phones in this clip are connected to different Wi-Fi networks, with one faster than the other, I was able to confirm this myself by downloading this morning’s BBC i Player update on my i Phone 4S running i OS 6 beta 4, and my wife’s i Phone 4S running i OS 5.1.1.While Apple’s latest i OS 6 beta didn’t make any significant changes to the platform’s front-end — aside from removing the You Tube app — it did make some changes under the hood.In addition to “bug fixes,” it appears the fourth beta has made some improvements to App Store download times that make updating your apps super snappy.With over-the-air updates for i OS updates/upgrades have made updating your i Phone/i Pad easier.Whenever there's a new update, all you have to do is head over to Settings → General → Software Update and install the update.While there's no specific fix to address this issue, you can try a couple of things to get out of it.When you find that the update is stuck at “Update requested…” and you can't do anything beyond this point, you should resort to doing any of these solutions: One of the first things you should make sure of is a stable network.The good news is this typically resolves itself in short order. This will force the i Phone or i Pad to lock the screen, then wake the screen up again, then lock again, and wake the screen up again.Repeat this several times in a row, waiting a few seconds in between each press.If you are on a 3G or LTE data network, try to switch to a stable Wi-Fi service before updating. Hard Reset If network is not the issue, you can try doing a hard-reset to get the update working again.To hard-reset your i Phone/i Pad: If you see the “Update requested” for hours after you've initiated the update, and all the above methods haven't fixed it, there's probably only one way of getting the update done – via i Tunes.

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