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Simon is a Template Monster sales operator who helps small businesses and startups by day and passionately rocking on the stage with his bass guitar by night.Simon is a truly creative spirit and idea generator who can draw almost everything he imagines.How much disk space - it depends how much data you have.Server configuration is something that can't be easily answered in a question like this, but you'll probably want a front end server that passes out requests to other servers.There are many domain providers, for example Go, and others. It is possible to obtain server space completely free, but do you really need it? Free hosting comes with built-in advertising that you cannot turn off without payment.Some scripts and site features may not work because of that, and it just does not look good.This question isn't quite the same as yours, but has some pointers to useful resources: Thanks.I haven't checked out the links regarding disk space, users will have ability to upload their photos(more than one and may be upto 5) and possibly 1-2videos.

To start off though, you could have two servers, one for the database, one for everything else.

Arvixe provides the richest web hosting plans to give you the largest choice of Dating Software Website software installations in the web hosting industry.

As dating websites are typically not overly complex, the majority of hosting servers will meet the needs of your site.

Starting from about -/month for server space, you can obtain your first hosting account that you can upgrade later by adding extra space, renting a dedicated server, using cloud storage and so on.

Just make sure that the server supports all necessary system requirements for your selected platform.

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