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In “The Marriage Sabbatical” Jarvis explores what some might consider a radical question: What happens when married women take some time and space away? Especially when the sabbatical is designed to be what Jarvis describes as, “personal time-out from daily routines for creative, professional or spiritual growth, reflection or renewal.” If that concept sounds familiar, it’s because the marriage sabbatical is based on a similar, historically successful idea.

These two periods will be considered separately, due to evidence that the counting of the Sabbatical years was interrupted during the exile (see below). This is the more easily dealt with, since there are explicit mentions of a Sabbatical year found in Josephus, 1 Maccabees, and in various legal contracts from the time of Simon Bar Kosiba.

12.9.5/378, 1 Maccabees ), dated by Zuckermann to 163/162 BCE.

However, he also remarked on the difficulties presented to this figure by the text in 1 Maccabees, which would seem to date the siege one year later, and so he decided to leave it out of consideration.

This is especially important after a particularly tough breakup.

Let the Word of God lead you to a healthy and healing space, so that you may fully enjoy new love again.

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