Dating before divorce is final bible

If you begin dating before your divorce is final, you are technically committing adultery.You’re still married, and married people can’t enter into intimate relationships with anyone other than their spouses.

I'm not dating yet per se, but I'm getting my feet wet and meeting new people.Because dating is a precursor to marriage and is part of the process that we use to find a prospective mate, it is only logical to take into consideration the value and esteem a person places upon marriage, even one that may be heading towards divorce.If they will not value the sanctity of marriage even though their own marriage may be failing, then they will not value the sanctity of marriage in their next marriage.Your spouse can potentially make a case that you began a new relationship before you decided to divorce, while you were still happily married.If your spouse names the person you’re dating in her initial or amended complaint, it legally involves that individual in your divorce lawsuit. Dating before your divorce is final and before a court decides custody issues can also affect your relationship with your children.Someone who is still married, even if they are separated, is not free to marry.They are bending the purpose of dating to their own emotional and possibly selfish desires.Whether you call it dating, courting, or as I sometimes do, “Russian Roulette”, the fact remains that people date in order to find a prospective mate.Because it has this purpose, then it only goes to reason that both parties must be free to marry in order to date.Just wondering how the Christians out there feel about dating before your divorce is final. Let's just say that the couple was married for a long time, then the husband cheats on the wife for the second time, he leaves and carries on his adulterous relationship. She begins to move on, retains an attorney, and starts working towards divorce. Divorces take a long time nowadays, whereas in Jesus days it was probably a little more immediate. I just feel in my heart that God is my husband right now and he'll guide me and tell me what's right. What is the relationship between God and the legal system/state?

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