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Tako, to so najini nasveti katera zdravila vzeti na potovanje po Aziji, za bolj podrobno potovalno lekarno pa preberite tale prispevek o zdravilih.

I was hallucinating that trees were in fact, the legs of giant deer. The point being, I went to places I never knew existed inside my head.

Of Training and racing and recovering and repeating . I forget about any pain I was just in moments before.

Scotta continues her studies of hatha yoga, meditation, Tantric philosophy, and learning to love deeply.

Blessed with the opportunity to study with many inspiring teachers around the world, she is full of immense gratitude for and admiration of each one.

Studying yoga since 1996, Scotta began teaching in 2000 as service to the Mississippi community and beyond.

You, in essence, strip away life’s nonsense one mile at a time. For those hours on the trail, you are, you purified.

In a pragmatic sort of way, I have yet to nail a 100 mile race.

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