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Follow these simple steps to learn how i Tunes can join multiple audio files together to create an audiobook with chapters: You can find the audiobook i Tunes created from the Books section at the top left side of the program.In there, choose the Audiobooks submenu at the left.You can burn them onto a CD and then re-import that as a merged track.When i Tunes pulls up the CD information you want to merge, highlight the tracks you want to merge. In addition to joining the tracks on each CD, you want to merge the CDs.If it's a small book of only a few CDs, then you might want to merge all CDs into one CD.

F8660_fbz_button[disabled=disabled], .ezoic-wrapper . F8660_fbz_button[type="button"]:disabled, .ezoic-wrapper . F8660_fbz_button[type="button"]:disabled:focus, .ezoic-wrapper . F8660_fbz_button[disabled]:disabled, .ezoic-wrapper . If you've got a series of recordings or ripped tracks from a CD-based audiobook that you want to splice together into an audiobook (similar to the M4B format), i Tunes provides the means to do it.Some media players even let you use the built-in bookmarking capabilities of some audiobooks to follow along with a book that takes hours to finish. F8660_fbz_row td, .ezoic-wrapper tr:nth-of-type(even), .ezoic-wrapper tr:nth-of-type(odd) .ezoic-wrapper . F8660_fbz_button[type="button"]:hover, .ezoic-wrapper . So here is the correct, current answer to the question: This may seem self-explanatory; however, you’d be surprised how many people need to be told this.Note: You cannot merge tracks once they are in your i Tunes library.I’ve seen plenty of instructions to convert MP3 files to audiobooks, but little about converting CDs.This page tells you how to create audiobooks from your CDs, using just i Tunes 6 or higher and free software.In brief, you first import your CDs as big AAC files.You’re welcome to print copies of this page for your own use, and to link from your own Web pages to this page.

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